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Salado Public Library having success returning keepsakes

Director Jeanie Lively said she is 'grateful' to help those who lost precious items due to tornado.

SALADO, Texas — Since the Salado Tornado hit a couple weeks ago, there has been a community wide effort in helping those who lost their homes or suffered extensive damage. 

The Salado Public Library told 6 News after the storm hit they would be making their building a drop-off point for people to bring lost or damaged items for others to retrieve.

Since then, there have been a number of people who've been able to go to the library and pick up items they thought were gone forever.

"Some of the reactions have been just very excited," Director Jeanie Lively said. "They'll say oh, you know, I'm so glad I thought this was lost."

One of her favorite moments was when a woman and her group of friends came into the library and saw pictures they took at different parties they thought they wouldn't see again.

"She just got really excited, and she was kind of laughing and she was remembering the event and her friends that were helping her out," Lively said as she laughed remembering the moment. "It was sort of a moment for them like, 'oh, yeah, I remember.' That's been my favorite because there was joy."

Lively said the library will continue accepting any lost keepsakes for as long as needed since the community has been so highly receptive of the gesture.

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