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Melissa Guz

Melissa Guz is the Digital Director of Content at KCEN-TV and KAGS-TV.
Credit: KCEN

TEMPLE, Texas — Melissa Guz is the Digital Director of Content at KCEN-TV and KAGS-TV.

Melissa has been the Digital Director of both stations since February 2021. An Arizona native, she came to Central Texas after spending six years at First Coast News, or WTLV, which is TEGNA'S NBC/ABC affiliate in Jacksonville Florida, and 12 News in Phoenix, also a TEGNA NBC affiliate.

Prior, Melissa earned her master's degree from the University of Arizona in 2013.

It was at First Coast News, though, where Melissa realized she had a passion for creative storytelling and covering news on the everchanging digital and social platforms. As a result, she transitioned from being a broadcast producer to a digital content producer in 2016.

While on the digital team, Melissa saw success and became known on her team for her breaking news coverage. She also made a name for herself in TEGNA due to her hard work, creativity and innovation on digital, as well as with the creation of "First Coast Foodies," a franchise at First Coast News that continues to see success to this day. Due to her innovations, she was promoted to Digital Content Manager in 2019 where she then focused her efforts on helping other members of the digital team see success.

At KCEN, it's Melissa's goal to continue innovating and helping her team become stronger and creative storytellers on its digital platforms.

When Melissa isn't working, she is either trying all the local cuisine Central Texas has to offer, playing video games because she is a gamer, or spending time with her two fur-babies: Sadie and Kyo. 

You can follow Melissa on Twitter (@mguznews). If you have a news tip, email mguz1@kcentv.com.

Check out some stories Melissa wrote below. You can find more on kcentv.com.

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