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Thinking about your life's purpose | Your Best Life

Author, Public Speaker and Podcaster Sahara Rose talks about her new book and how it can help us all discover what we've been put on this planet to do.

TEMPLE, Texas — It's the start of a new year, so it's the perfect time to think about your purpose. And after the last 12 months, maybe you're even more eager to start fresh. In this week's "Your Best Life" 6 News Anchor Leslie Draffin talks with author, Public Speaker and Podcaster Sahara Rose about her new book and how it can help us all discover what we've been put on this planet to do.

Dharma is an ancient Sanskrit term that means, "Your soul's unique purpose." Discovering your Dharma is just what this world needs right now.

"It's every single person's birthright to be living in alignment with their dharma. I think of it like your mission statement, so your mission statement can be, 'I'm here to bring beauty to the world,' or 'I'm here to connect women to their hearts or to connect ancient and modern spirituality, etc.' Now, underneath that mission statement, there are different services. Services are our jobs, careers, roles you play, etc."

Sahara Rose is a best-selling author, public speaker and host of the Highest Self podcast. She's on a mission to help us all find our purpose. 

In her new book, Discover Your Dharma: A Vedic Guide to Finding Your Purpose, Sahara shares a roadmap to help you discover who you really are and why you're here.

"The purpose of life is not even to be happy but happiness is a byproduct of living your purpose. So, if we can find why it is that we are here, this will give us that happiness that we are seeking," Sahara explains.

In her book, Sahara writes that there are four types of Dharma. Some people are born knowing theirs, others develop it by having a breakdown moment and then sharing what they learn. Some find it by creating solutions to a problem they're facing, while others find their dharma by solving problems for people around them. 

Sahara said, "I find that sometimes people feel like, 'I don't have a life-defining moment or my life was normal I must not have a purpose,' but it could just be something that it hurts your heart to think that this is happening to other people and you're wanting to step into."

According to Sahara, we're all born knowing our dharma, but the journey is remembering it. In her book, she calls this process the “Dharma Discovery Journey.” Its five-parts are self-awareness, self-improvement, awakening, higher consciousness and stepping into your dharma.

Sahara said, "We shift from 'me' to 'we.' So you realize the reason why I'm doing these things is not for me, it's so I can be of service to humanity and from that place you're actually fueled with so much more energy and life force than you could have if it was just for you on your own."

The book details nine dharma archetypes Sahara said help us fulfill our purpose. They are teacher, nurturer, visionary, entrepreneur, artist, researcher, entertainer, activist and warrior. She even has a quiz on her website, where you can discover where you fall within these archetypes. 

Sahara said you may naturally fall into one of them, or you might be a mix. Even though you were born with dharma, you still have to put in the work to achieve it.

"We each have a gift. We each were born to share, to bring more light into the world. So all of our language is essentially saying the same thing over and over and over again. So you can call it your Dharma, you can call it your mission, your purpose, your calling, whatever it is that resonates with you, but I think we can all feel that especially at this time we're being called to be of service to humanity. And the best way that we can do it is to align it with what brings us the most joy," she said.

According to Sahara, dharma and career aren’t necessarily the same thing. Your career can be within your dharma, but your dharma is so much more. Hear her speak in more detail about her new book, Discover Your Dharma: A Vedic Guide to Finding your Purpose, below.

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