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'We can't wait a long, long time' | Temple woman pushes for change after 4-month-old baby dies in a car accident at intersection

DPS records show there have been 14 crashes on the intersection of Texas State Highway 53 and Stone Rd. within the last decade.

BELL COUNTY, Texas — Central Texans living off Texas State Highway 53 and Stone Road in Bell County are saying the intersection is too dangerous and changes need to be made, especially after a 4-month-old baby died in a car accident at this location.

Texas Department of Public Safety records show there have been 14 crashes there within the last 10 years. 

"People are not reducing their speeds for several left and right turns on those FM Roads," Sgt. Bryan Washko with the Texas Department of Public Safety said.

Doris Marek was born and raised in Central Texas and says she has always been concerned with the speeding and amount of traffic on the intersection. 

After the recent death of the 4-month-old, she said something needed to be done. 

"We don't want this to happen again," Marek said. "We need something to be done. We need people to slow down. Be aware that people turn left at this intersection. There's a lot of new homes being built here. A lot of families with young children, and we need people to slow down."

Home owners are pushing for a left turn lane and a reduced speed limit of 60-65 mph. 

"We can't wait a long, long time," Marek said. "We need something immediate for safety."

DPS says this change could make a difference. 

"Over in Lampasas County, they've added several passing lanes, which I believe has helped because it's heavily traveled," Washko said.

For now, the intersection remains the same, but Central Texans aren't sure how to stay safe when they approach the intersection because of recent events. 

"What should cars do?," Marek said. "Should they go around? The shoulder? Or should they be backed up all the way while somebody's trying to turn left in the meantime before we get a turn? We need some guidance."

"It's ultimately up to the driver's choice," Washko said. "If you want to stop and wait behind them, you totally can. Then again you also put yourself at risk of being struck."

Texas Department of Transportation officials tell 6 News Waco District reviews every fatal crash. They will review the intersection to determine if there are any transportation solutions that would enhance roadway safety. 

6 News will keep you updated as information further develops. 

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