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Affidavit reveals details of son charged with murder of his mother in Belton, according to police

Suspect Jasper L. James is being charged with the murder of his mother Jennifer James, according to police.

BELTON, Texas — Bell County Justice of the Peace, Precinct No. 2 released the arrest affidavit for the son of the murdered Belton mom on Tuesday, Dec. 6. 

The police officer mentioned in the document is Joshua Tulloch. 

According to police, officers responded to a welfare check for Jennifer James at a home in the 100 block of West 13th Avenue on Thursday, Dec. 1 around 1 p.m.

Upon arrival, police say they met with Kayla James, Jennifer James' niece, who told them that she had received a call about Jennifer James not showing up to work. 

According to police, Kayla James stated that this was not normal and that Jennifer James was always responsible with her attendance to work. 

Police say Kayla James went to Jennifer James' house to check on her, but no one answered the door. 

According to police, Kayla mentioned that Jennifer James' 19-year-old son, Jasper James, lived in the home with her and that there had been previous threats of violence by him toward his mom.

Police say when they knocked on the door, Jasper James opened it and explained to the officers that he did not know her whereabouts and had not seen her since the previous morning. 

However, Kayla James had told police that she called the previous night and Jasper James told her that Jennifer James was sleeping, according to police. 

Police say they noticed fresh scratches on Jasper James' face. 

According to police, Jasper James did not give them consent to look around, but allowed Kayla James to do so.

When Kayla James entered, she noticed the couch from the living room was missing and Jasper James told her he had moved it into the garage, police say. 

According to police, when Kayla James entered the garage, she saw blood on the couch and noticed that Jennifer James' wallet and keys were still in the house along with her car in the driveway. 

Police say they began searching the property to find out if Jennifer James was still there. 

Underneath the house, officers removed an access panel and discovered a dead person in a crawl space, police say. 

According to police, the body belonged to the 47-year-old mother who appeared to have stab wounds to her face and neck. 

After getting a search warrant, officers went inside and found blood on the floor and wall primarily in the living room, police say. 

According to police, they used special Bluestar Forensic spray that showed blood residue that was left on the wall, floor and furniture of the living room after it had been cleaned. 

Police say they interviewed neighbors who witnessed Jasper James moving the couch to the garage on Nov. 30., appearing angry with scratches on his face.

According to police, Jasper L. James is the primary suspect and is being charged with the murder of his mother.

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