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Strange light hovers across Temple sky

The real answer to what the bright light was remains unknown to 6 News at this time.

TEMPLE, Texas — It became the talk of the town in a Temple social media group Monday night -- an unusual, strange, bright light seen hovering across the night sky.

Many taking their thoughts and guesses to social media about what it could possibly be, but one Temple woman caught it on camera and has her own speculations.

Michelle Warwick was cruising town Monday night when the light appeared.

"I mean it was more cool than anything but I mean cool in a creepy way," she said. "I thought I was kind of going crazy."

People around Temple sharing their thoughts on social media, and some saying they saw the mysterious light too.

Being that Temple is close to an army base, many are saying it's flares used by Fort Hood units.

Others are say it's a meteor from a meteor shower that's peaking right now.

And of course something like this draws the idea that it could be a UFO.

6 News reached out to Fort Hood officials but they couldn't say for sure if it was flares, but Warwick doesn't think so.

"Flares are just kind of balls of light that stay there," she explained. "They could move but I really don't think one would just go straight across, stop and move. That doesn't seem flare like."

Warwick's first thought was a meteor or maybe a plane on fire.

"You could see like fire flickering and so it moved to the right and then just stopped paths and kind of bursts like into three and just disappeared," Warwick recalled about the unusual light.

But whatever it was, it's created a big mystery in Temple.

"I hope it's nothing bad, but I do want to what it is," Warwick added."

The real answer to what the bright light was remains unknown to 6 News at this time. This is a developing story.

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