WACO, Texas — Creative Waco launched a Make It Through Corona campaign, with the goal to raise $25,000 by June 1. The fund will provide aids to artists, performers, and arts-based businesses in Waco and McLennan County by providing mini-grants up to $500.

"We hope that this fund will help them being able to continue creating," Director of Marketing and Communications Kennedy Sam said. "That will help them make adjustments to their business plans or buy new equipment to record at home or whatever they need to do to keep creating and keep the opportunity to make money during this time."

Sam always knew that Make it in Waco would be one of many avenues to help local artists and businesses.

"When we made Make it in Waco, we always knew a percentage of the purchases would go towards that fund," Sam said. "Since we don't charge anything for artists, creatives or small businesses to use the website, the platform that the best way would be through that fund."

Fifteen percent of each purchase will be donated to support the Make it in Through Corona fund. The platform has more than 600 family-friendly, handmade or original products, services and experiences.

"I think the last time we talked we had about 30 vendors or so," Sam said. "To now, in a month grow to 90 vendors and over 600 products, we have just been blown away by the amount of artists and creatives and small businesses that saw Make it in Waco as a resource that they can use."

Sam said the feedback from vendors has been truly amazing. 

"They were very grateful that we were able to build the website within two weeks and get everything up and running so quickly so that they can hop on and continue business as close to usual as possible," Sam said.

The Make It Through Corona fund has raised more than $10,500. If you would like to donate, you can visit the Creative Waco website.

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