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'It means the world to me' | Father's Christmas wish answered for son with autism

"It's unreal. It's more than he could dream of or even imagine," Marty Mendoza said. "I'm truly blessed to have you all in my life."

BELTON, Texas — Marty Mendoza said he can't keep up with the mail that continues to come from all over the world. This comes after his wish for his son to receive a Christmas card went public.

"When I was watching all these Christmas carols on the Hallmark Channel, it just touched my heart and I just said 'Not this year, son,'" Mendoza said. "I can't let you down this year, and at least he could get some Christmas cards."

Mendoza took to Facebook in hopes that someone would send just a single card to his son to let him know that he isn't lost on the world.

"I get hundreds of cards a day, every day," he said. "I haven't had a chance to open them all, but I will. I read every single one to Marty Jr."

Marty Jr. has multiple disabilities. He suffers from seizures, is non-verbal and has severe autism. It's been just the two of them since Marty Jr. was 2 years old after his mom packed up and left, Mendoza said.

"I've been his mom and dad for almost 30 years. My ex-wife, when he was born, she up and left when he was about 2 years old," Mendoza said. "She said he was retarded. I hate that word and basically, I've been his mom and dad ever since." 

Mendoza said he is overwhelmed with happiness and joy and Marty, Jr. is beside himself with the amount of mail and visitors they have received since Friday.

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"It's unreal. It's more than he could dream of or even imagine," Mendoza said. "You see this kind of stuff on TV and you don't know if it's really real, but it is. It's happened for us. Out of the blue and out of the kindness of their hearts."

Mendoza said that one woman drove three hours just to meet them, hug them and bring them a present for Christmas.

"It means the world to me really because -- I am sorry I get emotional, it's the Mama in me," Mendoza said wiping tears from his face. "I'm truly blessed and touched with everybody that has shown their love for me that I want to show my love to them."

Marty told 6 News reporter Bary Roy that his son has received more blessings than he can count. Mendoza said he promises, somehow, someway, and once the holidays are over, to pay all the goodness and love he's gotten back to others.

Mendoza said only the Lord knows how many tears he has cried.

"I could have probably filled this whole room up. They're tears of joy for the love they've shown to me and my son."

As Mendoza read Christmas cards to his son, some of them handmade and with pictures drawn by hand, he couldn't help but thank everyone from the bottom of his heart.

"I'm truly blessed to have you all in my life," Mendoza said. "I really consider everybody my family now. Like I told Marty Jr., our family just got a whole lot bigger."

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