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'Niki Nails It' | Pop-ups, ground balls & homeruns; takin' on the diamond

In a new episode of "Niki Nails It", Weekend Sports Anchor Niki Lattarulo hit Bosque River Ballpark to see if she has what it takes to be an MCC Highlander

WACO, Texas — In this episode of "Niki Nails It", I took a trip to Bosque River Ballpark to see if I had what it took to be a park of the McLennan Community College baseball team.

The Highlanders are the reigning NJCAA World Series champions so I knew the stakes were extra high and the pressure was on. Of course I had to get in character so I put on my jersey and my hat and hit the infield. I was assigned short stop (like my favorite, Derek Jeter), but it didn't very long … Head Coach Mitch Thompson said I have a "second base arm", so I made the switch.

Second base was a much better fit, although ground balls were definitely my strength defensively, pop-ups were a bit rough. Overall, Coach Thompson rated my skills in the infield as a .4/10 … claiming I was "limited because I could only play one position," I knew I had a better chance as a pitcher. 

On the mound I was SOLID, throwing strikes and receiving an 8/10 rating by Coach Thompson!!

Next, I hit the batters box (my favorite spot on the baseball field). I played softball on and off until the eighth grade and wasn't sure I still had it, but when that tee was in front of me I was hitting dingers! Coach T said I am a better hitter than I am pitcher or fielder and that I needed to work on my baserunning. 

All in all Coach said "You definitely nailed it … I didn't have to come out here and tell you how to do it, she crushed it."

As of right now I have nailed all my challenges to this point BUT if you want to challenge me next time, I am up for it!

If you have a sport you would like to see Niki "nail/fail" next, you can email her at NLattarulo@kcentv.com, or send her a message on Facebook or Twitter.