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Possible scam targeting Oncor customers in Temple

Temple police issued a warning Thursday about callers claiming to be with Oncor asking for payments and bank accounts.
cell phone SCAM

TEMPLE, Texas — Temple police issued a warning Thursday about a possible scam targeting Oncor customers.

Police said callers claiming to be representatives of the company are calling local customers and fraudulently requesting payment, and possibly bank account information. 

Police contacted Oncor to confirm the situation.

Anyone who believes they may have received one of these calls should contact Temple police.

Casey Simpson, an Oncor Area Manager shared with 6 News tips on how to protect yourself from scams, including:

  • Do not give out credit card information or purchase prepaid cards: Oncor will never ask to collect money to avoid service disconnection or shutoff. If someone threatens immediate disconnection or shutoff of service, customers should hang up the phone, delete the email or text, or shut the door.
  • Be wary when a stranger comes to your home: Oncor representatives do not need to enter your home for any reason, especially not to perform work. If someone claims to work for Oncor and tries to enter your home, do not let them in. Call 911 if you fear for your safety.
  • Always ask for photo identification: Oncor employees and authorized contractors performing work for Oncor will always carry company identification, and wear company uniforms and drive company vehicles. Even if you are expecting an Oncor representative to perform some type of service at your property, always request and verify identification.

Simpson also said that Oncor employees sill never stop by your house to collect a payment. They will never call, text or request credit card information in person.

Simpson said that Oncor's top priority is customer safety. They have more information about how to keep yourself safe from scams on the Oncor website.

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