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VIDEO: Woman who threw soup in face of Temple restaurant employee facing criminal charges, police say

Video shows the woman arguing with an employee behind the counter of Sol De Jalisco then throwing a full serving of soup in her face.

TEMPLE, Texas — Temple police said criminal charges were pending against a woman who threw soup in the face of an employee at a Sol De Jalisco in Temple.

Video shows the entire incident that quickly went viral on social media.

It happened a little before 1:30 p.m. Nov. 7 at the restaurant at 4201 S. General Bruce Dr.

Police said the woman, who they did not identify, first called to complain about the soup she ordered. She spoke with Jannelle Broland who later posted a video on TikTok saying the woman was cursing at her.

The woman later came to the restaurant and is seen in the video arguing with Broland behind the counter. Police said she complained that the soup was so hot that it melted the plastic lid on top of it. 

The woman then suddenly throws the entire container of soup in Broland's face and quickly leaves the restaurant with a man standing next to her.

"My first thought was what just happened, why, like why is this happening and I realized I couldn't open my eyes and I wiped away and I realized I was like wow, she she really just she threw that at me," Broland said. "She really threw that right at me."

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I hope this explains it! The video is on @section_8_ page. Again, please refrain from harassing or threatening this woman! Thanks again 💞💞 #menudo #restaurantlife #karen

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“We do not condone this type of behavior and hold our citizens to the highest standard,” Temple Police Deputy Chief Allen Teston said. “If a citizen believes they have received poor service we advise them to remain civil until the problem is resolved.”

The woman was banned from the restaurant. Police said charges were pending.

6 News was attempting to contact the woman Tuesday for a comment but her social media pages appeared to be shutdown.

Luckily the soup wasn't that hot anymore and didn't burn Broland at all. She says her eyes were burning from the spices in the soup but she was otherwise okay. The force behind the throw didn't help either.

"The spices from it are what hit me the most," Broland explained. "I remember feeling the warmth of the soup, but my eyes burned so bad. My nose was burning. It kind of kind of took my breath away for a second because just the burning I was really in shock from it all."

Broland has been in the restaurant, serving industry for six years and she says this isn't the first time she's been disrespected.

Her now viral situation she hopes will teach others a lesson.

"I hope this brings a lot of attention to the way that not just servers in my area, but servers everywhere are treated and short staffed or not," Broland said. "We don't just put on an apron and a name tag and we're just robots -- we are still human beings with emotions the same way. The same way our our guests, our people, their children. "I would hope that they would go somewhere and treat everybody with the same kindness and respect they would treat their own family."

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