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New name? | Here's the name recommended to replace Fort Hood

Currently, Fort Hood is named after a Confederate general. If approved, the post will be renamed after the first Latino to become a four-star general in the Army.

FORT HOOD, Texas — On Tuesday, the government's Naming Commission has released the official recommendation for renaming Fort Hood to become Fort Cavazos.

Currently, Fort Hood is named after a Confederate general. If approved, the Army post will be renamed after Richard E. Cavazos, who was the first Latino to become a four-star general in the Army.

Cavazos was a Texan and served in the Army for 33 years, first enlisting in 1951 and retiring in 1984. He served as a leader in both the Korean War and the Vietnam War. He was also stationed at Fort Hood during his Army career.

"He made military history when the Army appointed him as the first Hispanic brigadier general in 1976 and then four-star general in 1982," according to the National Museum of the United States Army.

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"Our goal was to inspire today's Soldiers and the local communities with names or values that have meaning," the commission said on its website. "We wanted names and values that underpin the core responsibility of the military, to defend the Constitution of the United States. We wanted names and values that evoke confidence in all who serve. Confidence that by emulating those whose names are on the installations, we too can rise to every challenge, overcome every obstacle, achieve excellence, and, if necessary, sacrifice our lives for this country and her people."

Last year, Congress passed legislation requiring the renaming of nine military installations that were named after Confederate leaders, including Fort Hood. It is hoped that these installations will be renamed by 2023.

Mayor Debbie Nash-King released a statement on the proposed Fort Hood renaming:

 “The City of Killeen and the Fort Hood community are long-standing partners. City leaders have stood beside our military comrades throughout the nationwide military base renaming recommendation process, which was an extensive and taxing procedure. We appreciate the Naming Commission and all who participated for their dedicated time and efforts.

The City of Killeen had more than 23,000 citizens vote in our website renaming poll in April 2022, so we know many are passionate about this matter. As the Fort Hood Garrison Commander, Col. Chad Foster, stated, the legacy of the Soldiers’ and families’ service and sacrifice within our neighboring military installation is what defines it.  The name of retired 4-star General Richard Cavazos is one to be honored and we will await the outcome from Congress.”

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