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Metal detectorists helping recover items lost in Salado tornado

Lost and Found It Metal Detecting Recovery Service is offering free services for those who would like help searching properties for missing items.

SALADO, Texas — It's been nearly three weeks since an E-F 3 tornado touched down in Bell County leaving miles and miles of destruction.

Clean up and recovery efforts are still underway by electric and demolition crews, but also by a pair of generous Central Texans.

Lost and Found It Metal Detecting Recovery Service, founded by Mike Glover, is offering free services for those who would like help searching properties for missing items.

"It's just a very heartwarming experience to be able to give back because our service is free," Glover said. "We don't ask for anything, just the reaction from the owners on when we find that little trinket that they thought was lost forever."

Randy Savell is helping Glover in the recovery efforts. They met through the Longhorn Diggers of Central Texas, a metal detecting group.

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"You know as a result of this storm, lots of people out there are needing to be reconnected with their their memories and that's what we do," Savell said.

Items that were recovered South Shore Bell County tornado

Posted by Lost and Found It, Metal Detecting Recovery Service on Sunday, April 24, 2022

Step by step, they follow their metal detectors to track down anything they can find.

"Our eyes are like a hawks out here and we just look for anything that we think might have some significant value to the owners," Glover added. "Means nothing to us but, may mean the world to them."

Tracy McLoud is helping a friend she went to school with whose mom lost everything in the April tornado.

"Just seeing how scattered everything was and especially a small items," she recalled from when she was cleaning up the property.

She knew it was going to take more than her hands and the naked eye so she called Lost and Found It, Metal Detecting Recovery Service.

"Lost and Found It can find and locate that aren't necessarily visible to the naked eye, you know at a glance," she said.

Their detectors are able to differentiate between different metals and if there is a good signal -- they're digging.

"When it comes to something like this you really can't discriminate anything out because if you do, you might miss something that's valuable to the owner," he said.

It's not necessarily always about monetary value when it comes to recovery -- it's about the connection.

Savell found a woman's watch and although broken it was a prized possession to the owner.

"That was the first watch that her mother had ever given her as a child," he said. "That just meant so much to me that I was able to return a memory to or something that was significant."

Glover tells 6 News he thought of creating a recovery service after a group of Longhorn Diggers help a Central Texan found his "Aggie Ring."

You can reach out to at this email or reach out to them on the Facebook page.

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