BELL COUNTY, Texas — It's not what many are going to want to hear but there still is not an official cause to The Robinson Family Farm fire on Oct. 15.

Investigators wish it was easier, but unfortunately there just isn't one obvious ignition source at this time.

"It's frustrating to not be able to tell somebody how the fire started exactly, but if we can't say 100 percent we have to leave it undetermined," said Chris Mahlstedt, the Bell County fire marshal.

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Mahlstedt is the lead investigator of the massive blaze at the farm where more than 70 vehicles were damaged by the fast moving flames.

"I just ask for their patience at this point, because of the size of the incident -- it's more complicated," he said. "So, it's going to take just a little bit longer."

Since the day of the fire, Mahlstedt has said the most likely cause was an improperly discarded cigarette, but he wants to be able to say it without a doubt. And well, right now he can't.

"There's still a lot of unknowns, we are still following up on some leads," the fire marshal said.

Mahlstedt wasn't able to tell 6 news if there is more than one potential cause in The Robinson Family Farm fire, but he did say it's not uncommon in any fire investigation.

"Yes, it's possible in any investigation that we conduct that there could be more than one or multiple sources of ignition that are present," he explained.

That's why he has to look at all possible causes, however, he wouldn't say was the possible causes could be in the massive fire.

"If the fire was criminal in nature, if it was accidental in nature, and then to identify what actually started the fire if it was item A or item B," Mahlstedt said as he described the leads he is investigating. "We have to be able to rule out one, or the other, or both."

The case will be open and looked into until there is proof beyond reason of doubt for one ignition source.

6 News asked what happens if that isn't possible and here is what Mahlstedt said

"We have to remain undetermined as the official cause," he added.

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If you have any pictures or videos of the fire that day, or if you saw or heard anything, contact the Bell County Sheriff's Department or Bell County Crime Stoppers. Your one piece of information could help lead investigators to an official cause.