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City of Killeen celebrates Fort Cavazos redesignation, while future of Fort Hood Street stays in limbo

The City of Killeen is not mandated to change the street name to match the post. It will be up to council members to decide.

KILLEEN, Texas — The new name, Fort Cavazos, may take a while to get used to. The name Fort Hood has been around since 1950. Hundreds of signs will likely need to be changed, but it's unclear what will happen to Fort Hood Street in Killeen.

The City of Killeen is not mandated to change the name of the busy street to match the post. The decision will be on the hands of council members.

The future of Fort Hood Street has been in conversations for months, and although "The Great Place's" name has officially been redesignated, the Killeen city council has yet to make a decision for Fort Hood Street.

The Killeen City Council has tabled the Fort Hood Street decision for now, but they did take time in their meeting Tuesday to present a proclamation to the Garrison Commander of Fort Cavazos Colonel Chad Foster.

"Receiving this proclamation is so special because it's representative of the fantastic relationship and support that we get from right here in Central Texas," Foster told the crowd in the council chamber.

"The big army got it right and I am so thankful and grateful for the leadership on Fort Hood and how they eased everyone into it," said City of Killeen Mayor Debbie Nash-King.

Nash-King attended the historic redesignation ceremony on post Tuesday before she had hand-deliver the proclamation to Col. Foster.

"Today it's all about celebration," the mayor added. "We want to show our support and show the leadership at [Fort Cavazos] that the City of Killeen -- we stand behind you, your soldiers and family members."

6 News checked with the City of Killeen on the status of the Fort Hood Street decision Tuesday as the new name is official. Nash-King said council has not made a decision yet. She doesn't know when they will decide, but said they need to weigh all the pros and cons.

"I would love to align with [Fort Cavazos,] but I also understand others that may have concerns about their history, the business owners on Fort Hood Street and how that would affect them as a whole," Nash-King explained.

The mayor says businesses and residents along the busy road is what  concerns her the most. She said the burden a name change could cause is something the council will have to consider.

Nash-King wants the decision to accurately reflect the city and the residents. She also told 6 News, the city has the support from the U.S. Army.

"The leadership on Fort Cavazos, whatever decision we make, they're okay with it because it's not a mandate," she explained. "They know that we still support them regardless if we change."

The City of Killeen said the name of the airport will be changing but it's unclear when or what it will be changed to. The process for that is already underway.

As far as Fort Hood Street, it's a waiting game.

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