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Temple ISD seeking public input on proposed bond projects

Temple ISD is considering more than 20 bond projects, two of which would cost close to $180 million combined.

TEMPLE, Texas — The Temple Independent School District held its second 2021 Bond Citizen Advisory Committee meeting Thursday night to discuss potential upcoming bond projects. The meeting was schedule for 6 p.m. at the Mayborn Civic and Convention Center.

The committee, Ott told 6 News in May, will make recommendations on what the district needs moving forward and what a bond for 2021 would look like.

Ott said the district is considering more than 20 projects. Two of them could cost close to $180 million when combined.

Proposition one could run anywhere from $165 million to $175 million and would focus on growth in the district, achieving equity in programs and completing some projects from the 2011 facility master plan. 

"What separated it tonight was that they separated it into the four categories instead of giving us a long laundry list," said Temple resident Jean Coley. "I think it was more informative and gave us more opportunity to give feedback than we've done in the past."

Proposition two would cost $6.5 million for Wildcat Stadium upgrades. 

"I just think in particular the price tag was in the athletic portions in the proposal is high," said Terris Goodwin of Temple Jr. Wildcats. "But I do understand reading and looking, and being an ex-athlete some of those upgrades are extremely necessary."

Ott said an overview of the presentation was posted and he invited the public to look it over so he can answer any questions. The presentation will be posted Friday morning by 8 a.m. for those who can't attend.

A survey for feedback and comments will open Friday morning as well that Dr. Ott said is open to everyone, including students, friends and family members connected to TISD.

"We desire as much input as possible from our community members," Ott said. "The goal of a bond is to meet our community’s expectations. The purpose of TISD staff is to deliver in a way to meet those expectations."

The survey will remain open until July 20 at 5 p.m.