KILLEEN, Texas — The Killeen Police Department has released a statement in response to a video showing one of its officers driving distracted with no seat belt but did not say what consequences, if any, the officer might face.

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Chief of police Charles Kimble wrote the initial statement but has not answered any of 6 News' questions relating to the incident.

Marcus Evans was sitting in the passenger seat when he started recording after he said he saw the officer almost blow through a red light. The video shows the officer using her phone, not watching the road and not wearing a seat belt.

In his response, Kimble called the officer's actions minor violations saying in part:

"Although both of these violations are minor in nature, we understand that the expectations that our community expects were not met in this incident."

Kimble said the department takes traffic enforcement and safety seriously but did not specify how the department would respond to the incident. 

The statement only said the department is using the same process it would "for any allegation of misconduct by an officer."

6 News asked two KPD spokespeople, Ofelia Miramontez and Jeff Donohue, several questions about the incident, none of which were answered. 

After receiving Kimble's statement, 6 News reached out to the two again asking why the chief would not publicly condemn the officer's actions, why he would not speak on camera, what consequences the officer involved will face and whether the officer is still working her beat.

There has been no response to any of the questions.