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Accused killer Cedric Marks says suspected accomplice Maya Maxwell is pregnant with his baby in letter to Channel 6

Because Cedric Marks made several accusations against jail staff, attorneys and police that KCEN Channel 6 can't substantiate, our newsroom has decided not to post the full letter online.

BELL COUNTY, Texas — Cedric Marks, the man accused of killing Jenna Scott and Michael Swearingin, is speaking out from behind bars. He revealed in a letter to KCEN Channel 6 that Maya Maxwell is pregnant with his child.

Maxwell is the woman who told investigators that Marks killed Jenna Scott and Michael Swearingin. She is facing capital murder charges and tampering with evidence related to the case.

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Channel 6 sent a letter to Marks on May 13, asking him whether he had anything to do with the murder of Scott and Swearingin. While he did not give a yes or no answer, he did say he knows who harmed Scott, but did not provide a name.

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He also said that Maxwell is eight months pregnant with his baby. Marks claimed that Maxwell was receiving threats from her lawyer and he was blocking her mail and visits. 

KCEN Channel 6 reached out to Maxwell's attorney, Wade Faulkner. 

Faulkner said those claims are false. 

“Since being appointed to represent Ms. Maxwell on January 30, I have been working with her on her case," he said. "At no point have I ever threatened her, blocked her from calling anyone, or refused her visits. All of the actions I have taken in Ms. Maxwell's case have been with her consent and have been consistent with her wishes."

Marks wrote in the letter he thinks prosecutors are trying to force Maxwell into a plea deal. 

Faulkner said Maxwell was scheduled to appear in court later this week, but that court appearance was moved to June.

In a two page letter, Marks made several accusations against jail staff, attorneys, and police which KCEN Channel 6 can’t substantiate.

Therefore, our newsroom has decided not to post the full letter online.

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